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We are the Korean funk and soul Band Common ground. We released our first album called “Player.s” in 2004 and we are still playing together. Despite some member changes over the years we continue to grow in strength as a group because the group’s seniors show good teamwork towards the new members which holds us together as a team. All the new members are in their mid-twenties but we think it works well and we are compatible.

If we were to introduce Common Grounds music by genre we would describe it as being mainly based around soul, funk, jazz, and disco music. All of these genres of music have a very distinctive rhythm and groove to them and all of these things are important to the music we pursue, music which anyone can easily enjoy and surround themselves with. We like to think we are like DJs who can easily make crowds of people feel excitement with the music they play.

When SNL Korea first got licensed by tvN South Korea the producer of the show, PD Yoo seong-mo, was looking for an artist that was similar to Lenny Pickett. (*Lenny Pickett is the musical director of NBC’s SNL band and also the saxophonist of group ‘Tower of Power’ since the 90’s.) It was decided rather quickly that Common Ground’s leader Jay Kim fit the profile perfectly.

In 2011 around the time the show started to come together Jay Kim released his 2nd solo album ‘Perfect Experience’ which was a smooth jazz blend and perfectly compatible with the first season of the show. So in 2012, when the season 2 started Common Ground joined the show alongside Jay and it was a perfect fit. It has really helped us to become popular.

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